PayPal integration is currently disabled for India

This is fairly simple, we'll walk you through it.

Go to store setup -> Payment methods

Paypal payment gateway would appear if its available in your country - we will assume it is for this guide. Connect PayPal to enable your customers to checkout seamlessly.

Once clicked, you will be re-directed to Paypal's website in a new tab. In case, it does not re-direct the following screen would be seen.

The new tab would open and look like as shown in screenshot below. The country and email id has to be entered to Signup/ login.

In the next step you would need to create a password for the Paypal account using the provided conditions.

The business type has to be mentioned in the next step as follows.

In the next step, business details like category, PAN details and name for your Paypal account which would be visible to your users on their statements

Further, in the next step business owner contact details, contact address and basic business information would be needed.

Once agreed and continued after filling the details the following screen would be visible.

Once agreed and connected, the following screen would be visible.

After clicking complete setup now, the page would be re-directed to paypal's dashboard for managing your account.

You can also view the tutorial for PayPal integration with your jumper account by clicking here

That's it! You're ready now to accept payments with PayPal.
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