Defining your restaurant menu would be the most important thing. To do so, follow: F&B -> Manage Menu

In this section, the menu name and image should be updated. The restaurant hashtag would populate by default and could be used to directly order on messenger.

The messenger QR code for the restaurant can be generated by hitting 'View/generate messenger QR' button on the top right corner.

In order to generate the QR code, FB messenger should be connected to jumper

To add categories to your menu card, hit the '+ Add Category' button. Once done, a window would open up to define the category name and the timings to be applied for the category.

Once the category names have been defined, all the categories would be visible as shown below. The category names can be deleted at any point in time using the 'red cross' icon. Similarly the name and timings can be edited by using the 'green pencil' icon.

In case of 'out of stock' the category can be disabled by using the 'disable' button. This would ensure that the category name is not visible in the menu.

To add items in menu, the 'add menu item' button should be used. Once hit, a screen would open up to define the food item. In this section, the item image, name, description, price and tax percentage should be defined.

After saving, the item gets added in the category and would be visible on the page.

The entire menu items for the category can be viewed by hitting the 'show menu items' button. This section would let you edit, delete and disable individual item from the category.

The item variants can be defined as well on jumper. This can be done using the 'menu item options' button as shown in screenshot. Once clicked, the following screen would open up.

In this screen, depending on the use case variants like size, ingredients and add-ons can be defined for the item. The selection group heading for variants and maximum number of allowed selection (maximum quantity per buyer) has to be defined. To add variants under the group, '+Add new' button should be hit.
This would let you define the name and excess cost for the variant selection.

Once all the variants have been defined and saved, the item gets added in the list. Similarly, the entire restaurant menu can be defined using this section.
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