jumper can be used with other social media platforms as well. This includes Facebook, Instagram, web and Youtube. Below is the list along with its features:

Facebook - On Facebook, it can be triggered in the following ways:

a. Comment on Facebook posts shared by the account linked with jumper.ai. This would send out auto replies using the Quick reply feature in jumper dashboard.

b. Text product hashtag on messenger to buy

Web: It can be triggered using :

a. Web shop which is auto-converted into a mobile responsive story for your shop. (Demo shop)

b. Web-bot to buy then and there. (Demo web-bot)

c. magic message links or buy-in messenger link (Demo)

Instagram - It can be triggered using :

a. sharing webshop/webbot link for links in Instagram bio.

b. sharing webshop/webbot links for links in Instagram story links

Youtube : It can be triggered as

a. Comment to messenger.
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