Creating your event is fun, let us walk you through it. We will also highlight some key aspects for your understanding and making sure you benefit the most out of jumper.

On your left, you will see the events menu. Click that and go to add new.

You will see a screen like the one below here:

Let's get started by creating your first event.

Start by adding in a beautiful image of your event by clicking the big + sign. Following Facebooks guidelines to make sure it looks great in the ticketing journey, add the image with ratio of 2:1

i.e. width=2 and height=1.

Next, we will give this event a name. For e.g. Demo Event

We will now choose our event specific hashtag. For e.g. #DemoEvent

There's a event webpage created automatically, for example to make it easy for you to sell on e-mail, embedding in blogs and a whole lot more. Do check it out :)

Add a short description for your potential attendees to preview, a detailed description can be filled in with pictures, links, videos and everything creative you'd want.

Add the time and location details for your event as shown below:

If your event has ticket variations - such as seat location etc.. follow the steps as shown below:

In the above example, it is a free event with two types of tickets.

You can add terms & conditions you may have for your event, and toggle visibility on the shop page. Often we've seen organizers switch it off when they're selling tickets for premium events.

With that we reach the best part of embedding all the details keyed in above into your event hashtag, which in this case is #demoevent

Did we tell you, you also have a magic message link? It's this link- This will trigger messenger from anywhere to begin the ticket buying process for your potential attendees. Check it out.

We're working hard to get combination of tickets to be purchased. For e.g. 1 VIP and 2 Front from the example above.
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