The menu bar would be visible on the messenger window. The menu bar can be used to convey information or re-direct to a different website or send auto-replies for specific product hashtags.

The menu bar on messenger is visible as shown in screenshot below:


This can be accessed as: Store setup -> Quick menu (Hamburger menu)

On this screen, you would see a set of default menu options.

In the messenger menu, as per Messenger's policies, 3 main menus can be added with 5 main sub menu. By default, there would a main menu called 'Command' with 4 sub menus. The menu bar can be disabled by hitting the 'Disable menu' button.

In order to add more main menus or sub-menus, hit 'add new menu' button.

Once the button is hit, actions have to be defined by selecting the necessary options from the right section of the page.

The following actions can be defined:

1. Open a website: This can be used to redirect the users to a different page by mentioning the URL in the box.

2. Reply with message: This can be used to send out auto-replies for a specific hashtag.

3. Add a sub-menu: This is used to create a new sub-menu.

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