By now, you must've already added a product on jumper. If not, no worries. See it here

It is key to educate your users on how to buy through various means jumper offers.

A call-to-action that works really well, we'll break it down per social media channel to help you get a clearer understanding.

Here's a quick run-through:

You can share the product from jumpers dashboard only once you've created the product and linked the Facebook account with jumper.

The Facebook account can be linked as follows: Integrations -> Facebook (connect)

Once connect is clicked, the brand page has to be added. 

Note:  Please follow the steps below in case of error received while adding the brand page.

Disconnect FB and Messenger from jumpers dashboard

Go to> settings-> apps-> delete jumper

Login back to jumper-> connect facebook-> give permissions-> connect messenger-> choose your page-> DONE.

Once the account has been linked, the product can be shared by following: Products -> Manage Product -> Share

Now, you click the Facebook icon, you'll see the popup box which has the text written for you already. Hit share and that's it.

Sharing on groups is enabled by the magic message link, this upon click fires up the sales in messenger.

This link can be shared everywhere - your profile, e-mails, sms, whatsapp, embedded it on your website, blogs etc.

Experience the demo by clicking here to see the magic.

Last but not the least, you could even tell your users to message the product hashtag on your page messenger. See screenshot below