jumper currently enables you to add 1 page per account to enable commerce.

To enable and integrate jumper with your Facebook page Messenger, ensure you have

Connected Facebook. You can do it from Sales channels. Click here to know more.

Note: You will need to connect the profile that manages your page. While doing so, just to be sure that jumper works best for you - it is required to give the requested permissions.

Upon successful connection to the page Messenger, users can now interact with your bot using any of the following triggers.

Text your product/event #hashtag in Messenger.

Comment on your post with your #hashtag (only for products/events plan) or keywords.

For platform specific functionality of this triggers please refer these links :

- Enabling jumper on Facebook

- Enabling jumper on Instagram

Click on Message Now button for Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Shop link (Only for products plan) : Shows the list of all your product hashtags added on/imported to the jumper dashboard. Users can click on the "Buy on Messenger" Button to trigger.

For Example

Single page link (Only for products and events plan) : Gives the details of the product(s)/event linked to the hashtag with button to "Buy on Messenger".

For Example

Magic Message link : When clicked automatically sends the product card as a message to the user's Messenger account. For Example

Note: Facebook may require new users to click Get Started button in Messenger to start the conversation.
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