jumper currently enables you to add 1 page per account to enable commerce.

To enable and integrate jumper with your Facebook page Messenger, ensure you have

Connected Facebook. You can do it from Business Settings -> Integrations. Click here to know more.

Connected your Facebook Page Messenger. You can do it from Business Settings -> Integrations. Click on the connect button on the Messenger Card and select the page.

Note: You will need to connect the profile that manages your page. While doing so, just to be sure that jumper works best for you - it is required to give the requested permissions.

Upon successful connection to the page Messenger, users can now interact with your bot using any of the following triggers.

Text your product/event #hashtag in Messenger.

Comment on your post with your #hashtag (only for products/events plan) or keywords.

For platform specific functionality of this triggers please refer these links :

- Enabling jumper on Facebook

- Enabling jumper on Instagram

Click on Message Now button for Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Shop link (Only for products plan) : Shows the list of all your product hashtags added on/imported to the jumper dashboard. Users can click on the "Buy on Messenger" Button to trigger.

For Example

Single page link (Only for products and events plan) : Gives the details of the product(s)/event linked to the hashtag with button to "Buy on Messenger".

For Example

Magic Message link : When clicked automatically sends the product card as a message to the user's Messenger account. For Example

Note: Facebook may require new users to click Get Started button in Messenger to start the conversation.