The shipping settings in your jumper dashboard allows you to enter your shipping prices based on amount of order or the total weight ordered. Step-by-step instructions for setting these up are provided in the article Setting up shipping rates.

Configuring Free Shipping

Let's say, for all your customers based in Singapore, you wish to provide Free Shipping for orders over $100. This can be configured by following the steps below:

On the shipping settings page in your dashboard, click on Add Shipping Zone
Select Country as Singapore
Since in this example we are providing free shipping for orders over $100, we select Price for the field Rates are based on
Enter 0 for the Rate
For the minimum order price, it will be $100
For the maximum order price, leave it blank (it will be default to no limit)

That's it - Free Shipping for your customer over $100 is enabled for your Singapore customers!

If you offer free shipping for all orders in a specific Country, just add the shipping zone for the country, and set Minimum order price as 0 and Maximum order price as blank
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