jumper can be integrated with LINE to accept sales directly from it. The detailed LINE integration with jumper can be checked here.

LINE, once integrated could be triggered and used to purchase a product or book an event. It can be triggered as follows:

1. Using LINE button on shop page:
The shop page link would display all the products/events that have been added to jumper. Each product can be purchased using LINE button once the integration has been done with jumper.
Click here to preview an example of shop link.

2. Using LINE button on product page:
The product page would provide an option to purchase via LINE (if integrated) along with other methods of checkout. The user can initiate the purchase by hitting the LINE button.
Click here to preview an example of product page.

3.Using product hashtag on LINE channel:
Your users can trigger a purchase on your LINE channel using the hashtag defined for the product/event on the jumper dashboard. Once the hashtag is commented on channel, the sale process gets triggered.

Click here, to watch the video on working of LINE
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