Using jumper with Instagram

jumper can help you sell products, events or take F&B orders on Instagram in the following ways:
Link in bio
Sponsored posts with Click to Messenger ads
Swipe-up stories (for accounts with 10,000+ followers)

Instagram as a platform has restricted API access for using their direct messaging service. Hence, jumper is unable to provide the same functionality as Facebook posts. However, since Facebook and Instagram are from the same family, sellers can seamlessly direct their consumers from their Instagram profile/posts to Facebook Messenger to complete the purchase - by using any of the three methods above

Using Instagram Link in bio

Link in bios can be used for your shop link, or individual product/collection links should you be promoting certain products at a specific time

In the jumper dashboard, head over to Sales channels > Instagram

For the link in bio, you can either select Website links (which will open in web browser and activate the jumper web-bot) or Messenger links

Copy either the Product link or Collection link that you wish to add
Sharing links for Instagram

Head over to your Instagram account. Click on Edit profile > Bio and Paste the link in the website section

Now, drive your users to click on link in bio to complete the sale! No websites to maintain, no apps to download - checkout made easy!

Sponsored posts with Click to Messenger ads

If you are using Instagram ads, you can create a seamless checkout experience for your users to click on the ad, and on doing so they will go through the checkout process on Facebook Messenger.

Create an Ad on Instagram from the Facebook Ads Manager (detailed steps available here)

For Step 5, please select JSON

Head over to jumper dashboard > Sales channels > Facebook > Ads tab

Set-up your message for Product / Collections / Video / Image or List (see below example created for Collection)

JSON ad for Collection

Click on Copy ad json code and paste this in the Ads Manager (where you left off in Step 2)

Complete the ad configuration and you're done! All users who click on the ad, will be driven to Facebook Messenger with the message and button to start the purchase

Using Swipeable stories

The Website links or Messenger links available in Sales channels > Instagram can also be shared on your Instagram swipeable stories.

To do so, copy the appropriate link from jumper dashboard and paste it on your story section
Click, to 'know how' on creating swipeable stories on Instagram .

Swipeable stories on Instagram are only available to Business profiles (not personal profiles) with over 10,000 followers
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