Note: To enable LINE, a LINE account would be mandatory- here's what you do:
a.) Download LINE from Google Play Store or App Store.
b.) Go to Settings->Account and register your email there.
c.) Done.

To enable purchase for your users from Line, your Line channel has to be linked with jumper. To do so, please follow:

1. If you do not have a LINE channel - go straight to creating one at LINE Developer Account:

2. Create a provider: 
You will now see be signed in to the LINE developers portal that looks like this: 

Click the + button to add a new provider


Type in the name, for example: "jumper" and click "Add". You're now ready to go to the next page

3. Enter LINE login info: 
Fill in the details as you see in the screenshot below:

Accept the LINE Developers Agreement and Hit "Create"

4. Next is when you click on "Messaging API" and follow the steps:

a.) Upload your App icon
b.) Key in your App name and description
c.) Select your Plan: Choose "Free"

Choose your Category and Subcategory relevant to your business, enter your email and click "Confirm".

Agree to LINE@ Terms of Use and Messaging API Terms of Use. Click "Create"

5. You're almost there, click on Configuration not yet complete and follow the last few steps:

6. Issue channel access token:
Scroll down to Messaging settings and click "Issue" next to the Channel access token (long-lived)

You will see a pop-up that looks like this, select Time until token becomes invalid as 24 hours

7. Next, you click on edit button for "Use webhooks" and make sure this is enabled:

Disable both "Auto-reply messages" and "Greeting messages"

Once the above steps are complete, hit the back button and go to the Login API
a.) Now, you copy the Channel ID, secret and paste it in the boxes below.
b.) Your bot name can be found under the Bot linked to the channel drop down

After processing jumper will provide two URLs that are to be added in LINE login and LINE messaging settings respectively. 

Head towards channel settings in messaging API and in messaging settings -> webhook URL, update the second url provided by jumper. 

8. Copy the "callback URL" provided by jumper and head to LINE login -> App settings and paste it in redirect settings shown in below screenshot:

Once updated, the line integration is complete.

Next, they can simply key in your #hashtag on your channel to begin the purchase.

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