This is a super quick way for your business to pass immediate links in DM for your customers to buy.

Here's how it works:
Make sure you have a business profile on Instagram - here's a simple walkthrough video:

Creating a Instagram Business profile

Once done, head straight to the DM icon on the top right part of your screen:

Instagram DM

*Next, navigate to the user you want to send your product/collection/F&B checkout details to:

Example user to send the DM quick reply to

Now, navigate the bar below and click the "+" icon to expand, here's where you'll see the button with three dots in a box. That's the one you need to make your sales process super simple.

Quick replies button

Tada! Great going, just a few more and you'll be a pro at this!

Now's the fun part to add a quick reply, click the "+" on this

Quick replies "+"

Add a quick reply for your product link, here you can pick your web-bot link or even your Messenger checkout link, see below:

Quick reply example

That's it!

Now everytime you generate interest on your post - request a DM as your call-to-action, reply with the quick reply and watch your sales fly!