You can find this in the Sales channel tab

You will be greeted to a screen which looks like the one below:

Connecting your Facebook account & linking your page on Messenger

Click on Facebook, follow the steps and give the requested permissions and you will see that it is connected. To know detailed integration and its usage click here

Once Facebook is connected and ready, click Messenger - you will then be greeted to connect your page where you want the bot to get integrated into. Currently we allow 1 page and are looking to increase the limit.

Note: If you don't have a facebook page yet, you will be prompted to create one first and then link it on messenger.

Connecting Youtube

Connecting this is as simple as a single click, giving permissions to and that's it.

Connecting Twitter

Currently all the beta accounts have been utilised and are working with Twitter team to roll out soon.

Connecting Line

Detailed integration of line can be done by following the steps given here

Connecting your Google Calendar (Events module only)

This connection is essential for you to run events as this is the e-mail that will send out calendar invites to all attendees. In order to send invites to all attendees, please click here to know more.
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