No eventbrite, no eventnook, no nothing. Why pay to create an event? Further more why get lost in the crowd of thousands of events as you have to market your event on social media anyway.

Keeping that in mind, jumper's event plan is built to remove the need to pay to build a website or get an event signup page, by enabling you to message your event details to your customers right at the moment of their inspiration.

It offers the most affordable and engaging way to create, get registrations and sell tickets for your events and includes the following:

- a full-featured dashboard to create events of any kind. For example, conferences, concerts, meetups, webinars, and even for private parties and weddings.

- run upto 10 concurrent events, make edits, manage bookings and inventory in real time synch.

- option to delete or reuse your #hashtags for new events. (depends on availability)

- create and manage discounts with multiple layers

- payments and order receipts within chat.

- automated google calendar invites to confirmed tickets and registrations.

- automated replies on messenger for specific event related keywords.

- Facebook and Messenger enabled as default sales and checkout channels.

- your very own event registration page to embed in blogs, share on e-mails, etc Try it here.

- magic message links to fire up messenger directly. Try it here.

- you even get a web-bot link to share with people who don't have Facebook Try it here.

- option to subscribe, share and sell your events on additional platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Line, etc.

Go ahead and create an event, here you will find how to create one.
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