jumper is a free-to-use platform, with no subscription charges, no monthly commitments. We make a little, only when you make sales - explained below

Success fee (applicable for online payments)
jumper charges a success fee of 1.5% per sale - and these fees are applicable on the total amount of the transaction.

When will I get charged?
jumper success fees are deducted at the time of sale, and you would receive the net amount in your Stripe / PayPal / other payment gateway merchant account (Net amount = Total transaction amount - jumper fees - payment gateway fees).

Your first 10 sales will incur no jumper fees - start selling!!
Manual payments
There are no fees for manual payments. However, to enable this, an introductory fee of US$1 per month will charged to your card. If you do not have a card on file, you may be required to enter it before manual payments can be enabled for you.

US$1 per month is an introductory fee for manual payments - so start selling now and make the most of it!
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