Guess what? No websites to build, let do your heavy lifting - the future is here!

Here are a few things to help you understand how's product plan works.

First off, building a website today is a no-brainer.. though - the biggest problem is to bring users to the website.

With that in mind,'s product plan is built to remove the need to build a website by enabling you to transact with your customers right at the moment of their inspiration.

So what does this plan offer?

- a full-featured dashboard with multiple functions.

- you can add new products, make edits, manage inventory in real time synch.

- manage discounts with multiple layers

- share your products on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram*

- automated replies for product related keywords on messenger.

- your very own short links to embed in blogs, share on e-mails (Example)

- magic message links to fire up messenger direct (Example)

- you even get a web-bot link to share with people who don't have facebook (Example)

Take for a spin, believe me - you'll see the magic we're creating!
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