The promote module is available only for Appsumo users.

We will be coming out with a bunch of growth tools which would be an advanced version of the promote feature and more complementing with our product features and modules than an isolated module in itself.

Here are a few examples of how our users use the promote feature, super creative indeed.  

Influencers are using this tool to send an automated message to anyone who comments on their Facebook posts which says something like "Hey, thanks for your comment. Check out my Instagram here

Ecommerce marketers are using this to send people a discount code into their facebook messenger. They can then market to these people for the long term.

Growth marketers are using this for competitions and lead generation. When they run a competition post they will ask for a comment, then send an automated message telling people they can get more entries if they give their email.

App makers are sending people links to their beta app to receive reviews and get early tests done. Who doesn't love squashing bugs? :)

Affiliate marketers are using this to send out their referral links to drive sales and earn commission.

Everyday we are seeing people use this tool in some very interesting ways.

If you have some creative thoughts and ways you've use's promote feature, hit us up and we'll add your idea for our community here too.
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