PayPal is the world’s largest online payment processor, and as such, exclusion from their platform is a major blow for any online business.

The most detailed answer we have found by PayPal about banned businesses comes in their Acceptable Use Policy last updated in July of 2015.

PayPal’s policy, broadly speaking, prohibits two sorts of transactions:

Transactions related to dangerous, illegal or violent activities or items, such as:

- Drugs

- Cigarettes

- Stolen Goods

- Hate speech or Racial Intolerance

- Copyright Infringement

- Sexually-oriented materials or services

- Certain weapons or knives

Transactions related to scams or high-risk finances, such as:

- Pyramid schemes

- “Get rich quick” schemes

- Multi-level marketing programs

- Lotteries

- Off-shore banking

- Currency exchanges or check cashing businesses

- Anything for the purpose of bribery or corruption

PayPal also includes a list of businesses which require approval, such as:

- Airlines

- Charitable donations

- Stock and bonds

- Alcoholic beverages

- E-cigarettes or non-cigarette tobacco products

- Prescription drugs or devices

For a full list of businesses which are banned or require approval, consult PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy
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