Personalize your chatbot

jumper check-out is now customizable - we have introduced the ability for you to change the messages that appear to your customers during the check-out process. This is handy for:
Localising the experience in a language of your choice
Giving the bot your brand's tone and voice
Adding emoji's and text to make it fun

Personalizing messages will allow you to update the text and the views your customer's see during the check-out experience. The flow and order of messages cannot be updated.
Let's walk you through the steps on how you can personalize the experience. In your jumper dashboard, click on the personalise messages section

Personalize Messages

The personalization includes four main areas
Chatbot - the check-out experience
Webviews - which appear within chatbot
Shop & single pages - &
E-mails - order confirmation, shipping notification, etc.

Personalization sections

If you are customising the check-out experience to a language of your choice, ensure all messages in these sections are updated


1. Chatbot

All messages within the chatbot are organised in categories. Within each category, the default messages appear on the left, with some description to inform you where do these appear. If you update the message(s) in the textbox provided on the right column, and save it - your customised messages will appear. Additionally, you can add more than one variation to each message and they will appear randomly to your customers - so your returning customers don't just see the same messages all the time.

Ensure you click the save button for every message you have updated.

customising chatbot

Note: certain messages need a mandatory tag, such as product name, or user's name. Please ensure these are included in the updated messages, in the same format as shown. The mandatory tags are highlighted in the relevant section in red. mandatory tags for chatbot messages

2. Webviews

Webviews appear within the check-out experience a few times, for example, when capturing the customer's address. Personalisation will enable you to update the labels for the fields which appear. See example of the address webview below.

Don't forget to click save for every label you update

update labels of address webview

3. Shop & single pages

Personalisation in this section allows you to configure the basic text which appear in the shop page (e.g., and the single product or event pages which are created automatically for you.

Shop pages have two views - desktop and mobile. Certain labels and text appear only in one of those views. If a user visits your page on mobile, they will get the mobie view by default. On the desktop, they can toggle between the two - so ensure you toggle the views and check the updates for both of them. See toggle button in screenshot below. toggle between desktop and mobile views

4. E-mails

Update the text in all the e-mails that your customer will receive. Similar to the above sections, please ensure you click the save button when you have updated the messages.

personalise e-mails
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