Printful store integration with jumper would let you import products from the printful store directly to jumper

Here's the step by step guide to connect Printful store with jumper.

Step 1: Getting API Secret from Printful

Login to Printful and click on Stores
Click on the 'Edit' button corresponding to your store.

Go to the 'API' option from the side bar and click on Enable API (if it's not enabled)

Copy the API key.

Step 2:

The copied API key should be pasted on jumper dashboard under Integrations > Printful

Step 3:

This completes the Printful shop integration with jumper and would be useful to import products on jumper directly. Once the integration is completed, the option to import printful products can be found here :
Products > Printful import

Upon selecting 'Printful Import', all the printful store products starts reflecting on the jumper dashboard. For the products to be uploaded on jumper dashboard, unique hashtag should be defined for the products. Hit import after the details have been defined.

It may take a minute to import your product. Once updated you can edit them from the manage products page.

The product once uploaded would take some time to reflect under 'manage products' section on jumper dashboard. The product image, title, description and price can be edited at any point in time from jumper dashboard once the product has been imported from Printful store. This can be done through the following flow on jumper dashboard : Products > Manage Products > Edit (corresponding to product)

Note that the product variations can only be edited and cannot be added or deleted.

Once an order is hit, it would reflect on jumper and printful dashboard. The order would be processed automatically on printful and the status can be checked from the orders section of printful.
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