You can use the promote plan to run special promotions, motivating your users to engage with your brand and send them promo coupons and discount codes.

Here's a quick walk-through on how to use the promote plan to send coupons to your consumers.

Step 1: Create and share a Facebook Post. You can also skip this by using an old post.

Step 2: Go to promote tab on the jumper dashboard and select add new

Step 3: Add your campaign name and select the Facebook post you just created. You can also choose old posts.

Step 4: Add a message, coupon code and the keywords with which users should comment to receive the codes.

Note : You can also use this to create a contest, by adding multiple keywords related to your brand and asking users to comment to get different offer codes.

Additionally if you want to engage and send automated replies, even to users who don't comment with your pre-defined keywords, you can set default reply to "Yes" and then simply add the generic reply.

Note : The promote module currently only works with comments on Facebook posts and would be part of jumper dashboard only for AppSumo users.
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