WARNING: Quick replies are currently disabled due to a Facebook change of permissions. We are actively following up to enable this - please bear with us

Quick replies are indeed a life saver and that is exactly why we built it.

You must've often noticed, every event despite the price and event information mentioned on the post potential customers end up leaving comments on it asking for the usual mundance questions.

For e.g.

How do I buy?

What is the cost of tickets?

Where is the event hosted?

.. and the list goes on.

Here's a reference image for you:

See what we mean? Saving you and your support team countless hours while selling to your customers within social media is our goal.

Good news! The reply to all of these can be automated and replied to right in their inbox - while you focus on business.

The auto replies can be done from jumper dashboard using the Quick replies feature. This can be done as follows:

Events -> Quick replies -> Create new quick reply

The following would be default auto replies that can be assigned to various keywords left by users as comment- Price, Event variations, Event details, Contact details, Event venue, Event timings

Custom replies, can be configured for specific keywords using the custom reply input in the auto reply field.

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