jumper automatically messages and walks your customers through a sale from any social media platform, so your team has more time to focus on your business.

It does the following:

- Turns your product data into an automated sales assistant / chatbot.

- Helps you convert your social media engagement into sales by turning your social media posts into a point of sale.

- Instantly messages your products details to your customers when they comment on you posts with your product #hashtags or auto replies you've chosen to trigger.

- Instantly shifts the conversation to Messenger when users click on your products magic message links.

- Instantly DM your followers your product details when they tweet or retweet your product #hashtags

- Walks your customer through the checkout within various messaging platforms : Messenger, Twitter DM, Line App and Web chat.

- Enables you to collect payments right within the chat.

- Sends your customers the order receipts within the chat and also on email.

- Send your customer shipping updates right in the chat.

You can also enable jumper to reply to your customer queries about your products, when they comment with pre-defined keywords on your posts.

jumper only gets involved when your customers express an intent via comment, tweet, text or link click.  For example, it won’t interrupt when you’re talking to a user or send messages to users who don’t show intent to purchase.

Note : Due to platform based restrictions, some features are currently limited to only specific platforms.
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