You can send calendar invites to your registered users for the events. This can be done on jumper dashboard using Google Calendar. In order to do so, you will first need to integrate the Google Calendar with jumper. This can be done as: Integrations -> Google Calendar


On clicking the connect button of Google Calendar, the page will be re-directed to Sign-in page of Google asking you to select a relevant account.


Once selected, you need to grant permission and access to jumper for connecting with Google Account. After hitting the allow button the Google calendar integration is completed.


The Google Calendar invites can be enabled for the registered users while adding an event on jumper. This can be done as: Events -> Add New

On the add new event page, the event details like event name, description, hashtag, price and basic details have to be defined. On the same page there will be an option to enable Google invites for registered users of that event. This has to be on 'yes' as shown below.

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