The product upload on jumper from your Shopify website can be done directly and easily. This can be done via Shopify integration. Once the integration is done, the product import can be done within jumper dashboard.

To do so, follow: integrations > not connected > Shopify

E-commerce integrations like Shopify, WooCoommerce, and Printful are available in this section. However, only one of them can be connected at a time.

In order to integrate Shopify, hit the 'connect' button. Once done, the following page would be visible showing step of instructions for creating a private app on Shopify dashboard.

Private app creation on Shopify would be mandatory for integrating the store with jumper.

In order to create a private app on shopify, follow the steps below:

- Go to apps in your shopify dashboard. Click on "Manage private apps" at the bottom of the page.

- Click on create new private app button.

- Fill the Create private app form as below:
Enable Read & Write access for all permission under Admin API Section mandatory for:
Store content like articles, blogs, comments, pages, and redirects
Customer details and customer groups
Orders, transactions and fulfillments
Products, variants and collections
Product information
Shipping rates, countries and provinces
Price rules
Fulfillment services

- Check allow this app to access Store front API's
- Hit Save. Once done, the page would display all the integration keys on shopify dashboard.

The shopify store URL can be accessed by opening the store in a new tab.

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned in step 1, click on 'add keys' button on jumper dashboard and fill the required API credentials in the next page.

Once the keys have been entered and submitted, the Shopify store integration is completed.

The product import from Shopify can be done once the integration has been completed. This can be done as: Products > Shopify import

As soon as the hashtag for the product has been defined, the import button becomes active and would import the product to jumper from Shopify store. The search bar would let you search the product directly.

If you are unable to find the product on the page and have added the product recently, simply refresh to import the product.

You can also view the tutorial for Shopify product import on your jumper dashboard by clicking here.
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