Great job! You're all set to embark on a snazzy new quest with Square + jumper...

Let's get syncing your Square menu with jumper

Step 1
Login to jumper if you already have an account, if you don't - no problem, sign up real quick here.

Sign up and login

Feel free to sign up with Facebook, GMail or your company e-mail as you please. We recommend signing up with Facebook for faster setup. We've timed it to be ready in less than a minute

Step 2
Click on Integrations, you'll see Square

Integrations -> Square -> Connect

Step 3
Login into the Square merchant panel to start the sync process.

This could take up to 7-8 minutes, it all depends on how many images you have and how big the menu is.

Square login

Step 4
jumper will upon connecting Square will start the syncing processes in the background while you make yourself a hot cuppa coffee. As soon as the sync is complete, you will see a re-sync button at the Integrations -> Square page on jumpers dashboard.

Square sync to jumper is now complete

If any menu or pricing changes happen on your Square POS, you’ll need to click the jumper re-sync button, to make the edits show up for your online ordering menu.

Next, we will dive into jumpers dashboard to optimize settings, toggle on/off locations and relevant settings. Enhancements for Square POS on jumper dashboard
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