In order to test the working of jumper with Facebook post, the Facebook page has to be connected with jumper. Moving further, a product should be added on the platform.

Once the product has been added, it should be shared on your Facebook page. It can done as follows: Products -> Manage Product -> Share

Now, you click the Facebook icon, you'll be re-directed to a page with pre-defined templates for publishing the post. Hit share and that's it.

Sharing on groups is enabled by the magic message link, this upon click fires up the sales in messenger.

This link can be shared everywhere - your profile, e-mails, sms, whatsapp, embedded it on your website, blogs etc.

Experience the demo by clicking here to see the magic.

Last but not the least, you could even tell your users to message the product hashtag on your page messenger. See screenshot below

Similarly, the Facebook post can also be tested by adding a comment on the Facebook post . Please ensure that the comment is left from your personal account. In order for auto replies to work for comments, quick replies should be added on jumper. 

Moving further to adding a keyword. This can de done as Products -> Quick replies -> Create new quick reply

In the above example, we have added a keyword 'how much' which should trigger an auto reply mentioning the price of the product. In order to test, we would now comment this keyword on the Facebook post to see the results. Check the screenshot below:



Once done, you will receive a message in messenger, enabling you to pay and checkout from the messenger itself. If payment gateway is added, you will also see the payment options. Upon making the payment you will receive the receipt there and as well as on your email.
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