1. Magic message link

Magic message link is a powerful feature jumper - these links are auto-generated based on the product #hashtag - which get your users straight to Facebook Messenger and get them started with the buying experience. These links can then be shared in various ways to drive conversions and surprise your customers.

Here's some ways for you to note:
Embedding these links in blogs, websites and e-mailers
Share these on WhatsApp, Kik, or other platforms you prefer
Have them driving sales on Facebook Groups, Slack

Experience the magic message link yourself

2. Web-bot links

Web-bot links are similar to magic message links, with the only difference that it opens up the check-out chatbot on the website, instead of Facebook Messenger. This is very useful to share it with customers who do not use Facebook.

Some interesting hacks we've seen:
Instagram users use this as their link to promote a single product at a time.
Regularly circulated on WhatsApp and Slack.
Fancy engagements in e-mail.

Try the web-bot link and experience

3. Auto-reply:

Auto-reply is a term often used with jumper to drive sales and replies from comments to the customers inbox. This is to drive engagement as not everyone would comment with a #hashtag, they'd use things like, "price please", "DM me", "do you ship to .." etc.

These can all be enabled to set auto-replies via the quick replies feature.

4. Integration:

Integrations are a key part of jumper's engine. They're basically connectors to social media channels, calendars, Shopify etc.

5. Add-ons:

The best of the best tools to make selling easier are rolled out on a regular basis.
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