As with every business, having up-to-date business details is most essential.

The business details section can be accessed as : store setup -> Business profile

Here's a walkthrough on settings these up:

This is the screen you will see,

Business Info is pre-populated for you where:

- Your business name (you can change this according to your brand)

- A shop link to all your products (this link can be shared for your customers to see all your products)

Upload your logo, this will be used in receipts, single pages and the shop page. It's very important to have this.

Your jumper dashboard login e-mail will show pre-filled as this is your login credential. This can be changed at any time.

Your jumper account phone number will show pre-filled and would not be visible to your customers.

Business email- All mails regarding welcome, verification and orders will be sent to your customers through it.

Last but not the least, the business phone number.  Please keep it updated at all times

That's all there is to set up the business details.
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