The promote plan is a simple automation feature, though its super powerful.

It is available only for Appsumo users.

We will be coming out with a bunch of growth tools which would be an advanced version of the promote feature and more complementing with our product features and modules than an isolated module in itself.

Here's how you get started:

Navigate to Promote -> Add new from the left hand side of your dashboard, here's where you get all set up for your first campaign.

Make sure your Facebook & Messenger are connected. If they're not our system will prompt you as you see the screenshot below.

Now, let's get started by filling in the relevant fields:

Lets give the campaign a name, for e.g. Follow me on Instagram

Once your page is connected, you will see a list of posts in the drop-down. Select the one you want to activate the engagement on. On the left, once a post is selected, you'll see the post image if any.

You can then, toggle on & off auto-message on every comment. This might be looked upon as spam, though, you can use it freely.

If you select Yes to the above, you will be greeted to a text box like the one below

Key in the default message that the prospective user shall receive,

For e.g: Thanks for your comment. Follow us on Instagram at

Below which you will see the auto reply field follow by a when user comments field, here's where you key in your reply to specific keywords:

For e.g: Reply "Here's your coupon code: 123JUMP" when user comments any of these "coupon, code, yes, wow" - you can keep adding different replies to new keywords you set. This is also known as spinning replies.

Last but not the least, my personal favourite, the "Do not reply" field

Once you fill this in with certain words people use to sham brands/pages, the commenter will not receive any of your auto-replies and's system will intelligently hide the comment from other prospective customers. Though, you will at all times be able to see it for your reference.
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