What are Collections

Collections is a way to help take your customers through multiple products from your store, and add them to cart for a checkout. In the jumper dashboard, you can create as many Collections as you'd like, one for all your products in the store, or for certain thematic products such as Winter Collection, GoRed products, etc.

In a collection, creating categories is Optional, however recommended if you have more than 8 products in your collection, helping customers to navigate through the right categories to get to the product of interest.

Each collection can have its unique #hashtag, and can be triggered in the same way as products

Steps to create a Collection

Before you create a collection, do ensure that all the products you want to add to the collection are created. If you haven't, you can follow the steps to add a product in this article: Creating your # and adding your product details to it.

So now, you have all your products, and want to create a Collection. Head over to the jumper dashboard > Products > Add new collection

Add new collection

Name your collection
Choose a hashtag for the collection
Upload an image
For adding categories, select Yes for "Does your collection have categories?"
Add products to the collection (with or without categories)

Adding categories for Collection (Optional)

To add a category, select "Add new categories" and enter the Name, Description and Image for the category


Categories added

Adding products to collection

To add products to the collection, you can look them up by the #hashtag you have created. Type in the hashtag you are looking for, or if you are unsure, just leave it blank and click Search

Searching for products to be added

Once you search for your products, you can add the full product (including all variations) by clicking on Add, or specific variations by clicking on Select variations >. Once you select either of the options, you will be prompted to add it to the relevant category - and you're done!

Adding selected variants to Collection

Repeat steps 1 and 2 and add all your products until you're done

Don't forget to Save collection at the bottom of the page

Sample Collection created
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