jumper is an easy-to-use platform, and if you have everything ready, you could be up and selling in a matter of minutes. A few things you would need to get started are:

Details about your online shop, such as:
Shop Name
Shop Logo
Shop Address
Contact details

Social media account details
Facebook Account (integrated within jumper dashboard) - your personal Facebook account which is the admin of the Facebook page from which you sell
Facebook Page - super important! if you don't have one, jumper won't work for you on Messenger

When integrating your Facebook account/Page on jumper - make sure all required permissions are approved. Do not worry, jumper will never post on your behalf unless you initiate it :)
Payment method
Within the jumper dashboard - you are able to sign-up for Stripe and/or PayPal. If you have an account already, all you have to do is integrate the accounts within the dashboard and you're all set to collect the monies 💰

Product details
The most important - getting your product details uploaded on jumper. Make sure you have:
Product image - the more professional and engaging - the better
Product name
Select a unique hashtag (unique to your store)
Product description - get the copy right - the description of the product makes a difference
Product variations - e.g., colors, sizes, any other attributes
Stock details

Already use Shopify or WooCommerce? It's even easier... just import the products (see Shopify instructions or WooCommerce instructions)
Shipping settings
It is recommended to set-up your shipping settings at the start - you can do this at each order level, either by weight or by the price of the order
Click here to follow steps on how you can set this up

Rather watch a video? See our quick set-up demo here:
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