what is jumper

jumper is an AI-powered platform, enabling merchants and brands to capitalize on their social media presence to turn it into a point of sale. It is the fastest ⚡️ checkout enabler and works on all popular social media channels. And did we tell you... it also works on the blogs and websites.

Platforms supported:
Facebook & Messenger
Instagram (link in bio and stories)
Twitter (for Enterprise only)
Pinterest (in preview)
WhatsApp (in private beta)
Offline point of sale
and more added regularly...

No websites to build, no apps to download. Take your shop to the shoppers
so how does it work

with jumper, our goal is to make the www and social media shoppable. Sellers, merchants and brands all have the same goal - get more customers. And jumper, it's all about that - it's your virtual sales assistant. Once you're set-up, it's business as usual... our tech auto-messages your customers to take them through a unique experience and a checkout process on their favorite social media platforms.

Seller / Merchant
our self-serve dashboard allows you to set-up your store, manage products, discounts, and everything you need to run an online store. And once you've connected your payment method and social media channels - you're all set. Go ahead and get the word out with marketing as you would do - and jumper tech will talk your customer through the sale when they're interested

as a buyer - the journey is amazing! For example on Facebook, the buyer will see a product on your Facebook page or on their feed - comment on it with your chosen #hashtag, and boom 🚀 - your Facebook page will message them to talk through the sale.

Experience the Facebook buyer journey here. Not a Facebook Messenger user? Try our web bot.
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