The web link for the product can be found in two ways.

1. Using manage products: This can be accessed as Products ->Manage Products.


On this page you would see a list of all the products which can be edited. Select any product and hit the edit button.

After hitting edit, you would see a page that would let you modify product details. Under edit product details, right next to product image upload you would see you two links. The first link would be the web link for the product followed by the magic link (messenger link).

2. While adding product: A new product can be added as Products ->Add New


On the 'add product' page, below the product name box, your product hashtag has to be defined. This hashtag is a unique identifier used to identify the product on various social media platforms. As soon as the hashtag is written, a link is formed below the hashtag box. This is the web link for the product.