The product upload on jumper from your WooCommerce website can be done directly and easily. This can be done via WooCommerce integration. Once the integration is done, the product import can be done within jumper dashboard.

To do so, follow: Business settings -> integrations -> WooCommerce

In order to integrate WooCommerce, hit the 'connect' button. Once done, the WooCommerce website URL should be entered in the box. 

Once the URL has been entered and connected, the following page would be displayed wherein the necessary access has to be provided to Jumper for accessing your WooCommerce store.

Once approved, the WooCommerce integration gets completed. It is important to define your shipping settings or at-least one shipping zone on WooCommerce dashboard in order to import products from WooCommerce to Jumper.

The product import on Jumper can be done as: Products -> Add new -> Import products -> WooCommerce

Alternately it can also be done as: Products -> Manage products -> Import products -> WooCommerce

Once clicked, the WooCommerce product list would be visible along with import button. The products can be selected an imported within jumper dashboard.

Note: For every product on WooCommerce, a unique hashtag should be used for importing on jumper.

Once the hashtags have been entered and import has been hit, the following screenshot would be visible.